Summer is Here -

The lifting/conditioning/skillwork schedule will remain the same until August 1st:

Monday – Tuesday – Thursday – Friday

8:00am – 10:30am at the High School


From August 4th – 15th the schedule will be:


Monday – Tuesday – Thursday – Friday

8:00am – 10:30am


July 11th – the 7 on 7 passing league will be at Bonny Eagle

9:30am – 2:30pm (make sure to bring snacks/food/water!)


Reminder -  if you have not submitted your registration/medical forms please do this ASAP!  A completed physical form has to be on file with the High School and cannot be more than 2 years old!


2014 Season – Game Schedules



The schedule for varsity is maintained on the MaxPreps web site and copied here for your convenience.  To get all schedule information, as well as other Team information, follow this link: Scarborough Schedule

August 25                   Home            CONY  (Scrimmage)         5:00pm

August 29                   Away             Deering (Exhibition)          7:00pm

September 5               Home            SANFORD                        7:00pm

September 12             Away             Bangor                              7:00pm

September 19             Home            THORTON                        7:00pm

September 27 (Sat)    Home            BONY EAGLE                   7:00pm

October 3                    Away             Biddeford                          7:00pm

October 10                  Away             South Portland                 7:00pm

October 17                  Home            MASSABESIC                  7:00pm

October 24                  Away             Noble                                7:00pm



September 8               Away            Sanford

September 15             Home           MARSHWOOD               4:00pm

September 22             Away           Thorton Academy            3:30pm

September 29             Away           Bonny  Eagle                    3:30pm

October 6                   Home           BIDDEFORD                    4:00pm

October 11                 Home           SOUTH PORTLAND       10:00am

October 20                 Away            Massabesic                       4:00pm

October 27                 Home           NOBLE                              4:00pm



September 5             Away            Sanford                         4:00pm

September 13           Home           CHEVERUS               10:00am

September 19           Away            Thorton Academy       —–

September 26          Away            Bonny Eagle                 3:30pm

October 3                  Home          BIDDEFORD                3:30pm

October 9                  Home          SOUTH PORTLAND   4:00pm

October 16                Away          Windham                      3:30pm

October 23                Home          WELLS                          4:00pm